Basemark FAQs

Our Customers will always have Questions regarding Basemark and it’s services. We are here to help you out with the Queries that our customers come up with.

We request all our Well Wishers & Customers to check the list of most Frequently Asked Questions before reaching out to us. This FAQs will allow us to answer the most specific & common questions which will also save our customers time waiting our reply.

Yes, the Franchise Program is still available at Basemark. For further enquiries you can contact us at 9801399910 or email us at

To Became the part of our franchise program one should select the location in major and prime city of Nepal.

The area of the store should be 2000 or above 2000 square feet.

Once the location and space are finalized then the we can discuss over the budget. There are various other factors on which the budget depends. So it can be finalized once all the necessary steps are taken. No Credit option is available.

Yes, the franchise store can select the clothes collection as per their interest. We will provide our franchise partner with the clothing catalog so that they can select collection as per their interest.

Express Basemark is a second outlet program by Basemark. Express Basemark program allows our parter to open the store in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of Nepal with limited number of Basemark products.

Basemark Express can be opened within the area of 1000 sq.ft or above with limited number of Basemark products.